Welcome to Ambiarchy Academy.

Ambiarchy Academy teaches the new syntheses Ambiarchy and Ambitheism, and how to put them to practice. Together, Ambiarchy and Ambitheism compose a comprehensive worldview, which has application in the real world. These ideas, unlike the passing trends, are here to stay. They are perennial.

Knowledge, like everything else, goes through phases. There are fads that pass as understanding, and then there is the true perennial wealth of human knowledge, which, while not always showing itself at the surface, continues on underground, underlying it. According to their interest in these forms of knowledge, we may divide the human population into two mental types: slaves and masters. They who pursue only the most recent, faddish forms of knowledge, are mental slaves, submitting their minds to the herd and its leaders. But those who pursue the perennial wisdom of mankind, free their minds, and so too their actions.

They who focus on faddish knowledge are concerned that they will miss something in the world. They are moving too quickly, and not thinking enough. In concerning themselves with all of the passing phenomena, they have lost sight of the perennial wisdom which has given humanity its successes. But they who slow down to delve deeply into principle, and natural law, guided by logic, discover something much more than passing phenomena. They discover what makes that phenomena occur, and indeed, how to encourage it.

It’s a mistake to think that one would have already heard of something if it was important. Mainstream success is always dependent upon effectively pleasing the power that provides it. All of the opinions that you hear on the mainstream media are messages approved by established power. Most of those messages outside of it, in the so-called alternative media, merely reference it, allowing power still to guide the narrative, commenting always retroactively, and rarely being productive. Alternative media necessarily tends towards the reactionary, because media reports phenomena, and phenomena is currently manipulated by power.

To this end, and though it most certainly costs the Academy in readers and in participants, you will not find commentary about current affairs on this website, or participants saturated in phenomena. You will find reference to natural laws, use of facts and logic, and dedication to principles. You will find free thinkers and truth seekers. You will find classics of literature, which are not being talked about, the concepts of which are your responsibility to spread about humanity.

The narrative of Ambiarchy Academy is generally that of the entire Universe, and specifically that of the righteously rebellious creatures who have inhabited it with a relatively free mind. We want to tell the stories of the heretics and the radicals in history, dream novel ideas about the future, and practice what we can of those dreams today. We want to know about the Universe and its laws, so that we may be successful. We want to work together, so that we may win.

To this end, Ambiarchy Academy offers courses and certification in Ambiarchist philosophy.

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